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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How to Use Littmann Lightweight II SE Stethoscope?

Stethoscope is being used by medical personnel to examine or to access patient’s inner sounds such as heart sounds, breathing sounds, bowel sounds and all may or may not come with additional sounds. Any additional sound may suggest abnormalities that can present in the patient’s internal organ.

To get the best result that help in making a diagnosis, the auscultation need to be done skillfully and thoroughly with the emotional comfort of the patient remains as the main priority. In order to master the art of the auscultation, medical personnel include medical students need to practice their skills. Professional and ethical behavior while doing the stethoscopes examination should be followed.

How to use Littmann Lightweight II SE Stethoscope?

The principles of using Littmann Lightweight II SE Stethoscope are more and less the same as how you use other kind of stethoscope. Do make sure that the room where the examination will be done is quiet and warm so that the patient will be calm sufficiently. Hold the chestpiece of your Littmann Lightweight II SE Stethoscope between your palms to warm is a little bit before you place it on the patient’s chest or the anterior part of the elbow or any part of the body that you want to listen to. Place the earpiece into your ears. Sometimes, an outside noise can be annoying. You should not touch or rub the tubing or chest piece against any object to minimize the noisy sounds. Start your listening by paying attention to internal sounds which can be normal or abnormal.

If you are working in pediatrics ward, you might found it extremely difficult to subject children to stethoscope exams. You can encounter this problem by using a funny stethoscope cover to attract them as well as reduced the level of anxiety in them. The stethoscope covers might comes in a variety of shade includes animals and cartoon characters. Most of the time, it works well by distracting the attentions of the children, enabling you to proceed your examination with the Littmann Lightweight II Stethoscope.

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